Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Emergency!! Please Help!

Holy snowstorm, Philadelphia!!!!

The US postal Service closed today because of the blizzard, but the Lifesaving team at the Philadelphia animal control shelter IS STILL WORKING to save lives!!! WOW!!!

But they need your help -- ASAP!

There are two URGENT animals that must leave the shelter immediately. Their pictures and descriptions are posted below.

If you can help, please contact Natalie Smith at or (267) 385-3800 (ask for the Lifesaving Department). The Philadelphia animal control shelter is located at 111 W. Hunting Park Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19140.


Pickle- URGENT

Pickle (A09507272) is a really wiggly and adorable 6 month old Pit mix puppy that was found as a stray. She has the cutest half-prick ears with a gorgeous brindle coat. She has lots of energy and would make a fabulous running partner! She’s on the smaller side – only 36 pounds- andwill stay petite! Pickle seems to like other dogs and looooooves people. Unfortunately Pickle is now on treatment for a severe case of kennel cough and needs to leave ASAP! Please save this adorable little girl today! Photos at:

Gatorade- URGENT

Gatorade (A09544127) is a sad but handsome male tabby cat. Poor Gatorade was found in a box, left for dead, in West Philly on January 31. We took him into the shelter and discovered that he was emaciated, dehydrated, had a very low body temperature, and conjunctivitis in one eye. He has hardly any muscle mass so is regaining his ability to walk and get up. Since arriving at the shelter Gatorade has been pampered by shelter staff with fluids, a heating pad, meds and special care BUT the shelter is no place for a sad case like this. Gatorade could really benefit from a warm, loving foster home where he can really recover and continue to gain weight and receive his medicine (provided for free by shelter). He is a very sweet cat that loves to snuggle and is friendly and loving. Gatorade needs to leave ASAP! Photos at:

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  1. He wasn't found left in a box, he was found stumbling around, falling down in the snow, all but dying by me, and I brought him in. It's a good thing he wasn't left in a box, otherwise I would have never seen him and been able to bring him in.